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Beethoven Virus: It's Appeal


This is another entry about Kang Mae, so be warned. A bit spoilery. This should have been posted a few weeks back, LO


I first watched BV online in November, while the drama is currently airing its final episodes. I've been meaning to write about this touching drama; I've only managed to write about how I can’t get enough of the phenomenal Kang Mae/Maestro Kang (see earlier post). But I felt that I’ve not written enough, that there is so much more to share about how this drama affected me. So, during the Christmas break, I made it a point to watch Beethoven Virus again.  This time, a rewatch of the whole series not just my favorite Kang Mae scenes or Kang-Mi (Kang Mae and Du RuMi) scenes and since I had no work, I was able to pay close attention to some things that I might have missed out.


K-dramas update

  • Since I've become obsessed with Kim Myung Min (Maestro Kang/Kang Mae of Beethoven Virus), I ordered three of his series (White Tower, Bad Family and Immortal Lee Soon-Shin) and one movie (Open City; with Son Ye Jin). I'm currently on episode 7 of the White Tower. I've said this in my earlier entry, KMM is one of the best actors in Korea. Totally brilliant! This medical drama is so intense; I'm so drained after watching 2 episodes at night. 
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Kim Myung Min as Dr. Jang Jung Hyeok
  • I'm still watching Kingdom of the Winds online. But I'm still waiting for the complete subbed versions on viikii though. Muhyul-Yeon love story has taken an interesting turn. Seeing pictures from </a></b></a>dangermousie 's post made me swoon.
  • Painter of the Wind just ended. It left me with an ache on my chest. </a></b></a>alexandral  and I were sharing some thoughts about the ending. Goodness, I was really sad. And it's just so unfortunate that I need happy endings these days. Although I wasn't sure about the teacher-pupil relationship of Kim Hong Do (Park Shin Yang) and Shin Yoon Bok (Moon Geun Yeong) having  a love angle because I felt that it would be too awkward, I love how it developed. I guess, that's what makes me feel bad because I was shipping for them, really hard! You know, it's like... "everything is going ok and then why did it have to end like this?"  sort of thing. Oh well, I should have expected this kind of ending; having watched a lot of k-dramas.

Painter of the Wind Anxiety

     Hah! I've managed to finish watching all 18 episodes of Painter of the Wind online. My goodness, talk about marathon! The series was soo addicting. I started watching Friday and finished Monday afternoon. I went out Saturday so I didn't have much time. And the fact that my internet connection was rather slow didn't help at all. So it took me forever to finish. It was a good thing that Monday was a holiday. So happy!

    At first, I was a little apprehensive watching PSY and MGY together. I love them both, I mean in their respective works. I've known about POTW for a while. Some friends have suggested that I watch it. I know that it is a good series. I mean, MGY and PSY are the leads. What can we expect, right? But as I've said, I was a little apprehensive to see them together with the possibility of a love angle. Hmm, I don't know, I thought that  there would be a problem about chemistry and all that. That seeing PSY and MGY would be disconcerting. Oh no, It's not about the big age gap between the two leads. I've completely transcended the age difference issue. Lol.

The rather "odd" pair of PSY and MGY
The HOT King (Bae Soon  Bin) and the Evil Queen Grandmother (Lim Ji Eun)

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     I am overjoyed! I finally got my copy of THE LEGEND. As in original copy. chae_yene was taking a break in Singapore and was looking around for Korean dramas. Fortunately, there were 2 copies at a store. And it was on sale for only SD 31.99!  She immediately bought both copies - one for her and one for me.

Warning: This is just the first of many entries that I’ll post regarding Kang Mae, Kim Myung Min and Beethoven Virus.

      When I first learned that Lee Ji Ah is having a new series, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I loved her in The Legend and I couldn’t get enough of her. So, I was really ecstatic about this series. However, my enthusiasm was somewhat dimmed when I saw some photos used as promotional materials. Oh, I love Lee Ji Ah and I like Jang Geun Suk; but what really caught my attention was the “older, far from handsome and mean looking” orchestra conductor, who forms the last part of the triumvirate. My mind was like, “WTH? That’s the male lead? He is so…not handsome! How can I watch that?”













After 3 months of silence....

          I'm back!

          I'm completely remiss of my LJ account. I admit I usually spend most of my time in Facebook and Multiply. Journal entries as well as photo entries are much updated in both said accounts. However, I do miss my LJ friends as well as reading and knowing series updates and personal updates from my beloved friends.

          Here are some quick updates:

              1) I've finished Beethoven Virus. I had fun watching it. AND I'm soooo completely in love with Kang Gun Woo or Maestro Kang or Kang Mae, as he is called. I haven't read my backlog pages here and I'm sure someone has already written about the series and/or the characters. I've developed a KANG MAE obsession; and obviously a KANG-MI shipper! I will write something about KANG MAE and of course, the actor who portrayed him, KIM MYUNG MIN. I adore this guy! I swear! (I feel like a starry-eyed teenager again!)

              2) I'm watching Kingdom of the Winds. I'm currently on episode 20. Another sageuk to remember! I'm so enthralled watching Song Il Gook portray Muhyul. So good!

          I've a lot to write about but so much information. It feels so good to be back.

Dalja's Spring, et al.

    Am still stuck in episode 16 of Dalja's Spring. Lots of family matters needed attention in the last 3 weeks. But I'm hoping to finish this within the week or so.
    [info]chae_yene gave me 2 Bae Yong Joon series as early birthday gifts: Hotelier (Japanese version) where Yonsama appeared until 2nd episode and an old series, First Love (where he first starred with Choi Ji Woo). I was soo happy when she gave me those dvd copies. I had to stop myself from shrieking and squeeing in a coffee shop where we met.  Hopefully, I'll be able to watch these two, despite my hectic schedule.

Now...I'm feeling nostalgic.....

    Now it's my turn to feel mellow...nostalgic. Call it separation anxiety.
    Tonight's the last night of The Legend in our local channel. Although, I have my own DVD copy of the series, it's a little different when watching it dubbed in our native tongue. And despite my complaints on how they edited significant scenes and how they placed too much emphasis on the Dam Duk and Kiha team-up, the translation of major dialogues, particularly between Dam Duk and Sujini was really terrific. I can't count the times that I shrieked and squeeed because of the poignant and heart-wrenching translations. Oh, I would say that I love the team in charge of the translations as much as I hate the programming and editing group!
    As they say, all good things must come to an end, and it's the end of the road for The Legend tonight. I'm gonna miss it on primetime.
    I'm back to re-watching it on DVD.

Just sharing ....

Got this from a friend. I would just like to share with everyone. It might just help....

40 Tips for Better Life


     I am utterly disappointed this morning.  With people, whom I expected to be the ones who will help me when I need assistance of any kind. The saddest part, is that they are my friends and even family members. Ooohh, it's better not to ask help at all....

    So, to dispel my negative feelings and heartache, I've decided to do some spazzing again. Here are some photos of Jang Dong Gun. I remembered I wrote that I'll be posting again....